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What Is The Image Width? (image width)


A picture's dimension is determined by several values. One of them is the Image Width. Together with image height, it delivers information about the actual size of a picture, photo or image. This size should not be confused with the file size of the image file.

The value of Image With is typically given in pixel. Some graphics or image viewing programs allow different values as well, such as inches, mm or cm. A direct conversion can be difficult though since the pixel value only roughly represents the inch or mm value it is translated into.

When printing, uploading or embedding an image, the Image Width can play a crucial role. Often times, image uploads are limited not only to a certain file size but also to a certain image dimension. Also, when planning on embedding an image in a document or video, knowing the actual width will help to avoid black bars or crooked formatting.

Image Width Is Also Known As

Meta Information Similar To Image Width

Cropped Image Width Aperture Auto Focus File Name Create Date Author Color Space Audio Layer Megapixels Type Resolution Unit File Size Background Color Bit Rate Bitrate Exif Byte Order File Type Bit Depth Cropped Image Height Duration Artist Size Modify Date Image Size Album Preview Image Size Image Height Category Band Datemodify Audio Bitrate Channels Channel Mode File Modification Date/time Raw Header Height File Type Extension Preview Image Height Color Components Width Channel Layout Probe Score Preview Image Width Jfif Version Mime Type Active D-Lighting Encoding Process Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling

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